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Welcome to K9 Kurosity

About K9 Kuriosity

K9 Kuriosity is a dog training service that focuses on balanced dog training methods.

I am a dedicated dog trainer who is passionate about giving owners the tools and knowledge to strive with their dogs. I have a passion for focusing on each dog's genetic strengths and motivations in order to achieve obedience and lifestyle goals. 

Consistent and well-managed training and structure enable dogs to have a happy, healthy, and mentally fulfilled lifestyle whilst making life a bit easier for their parent/s. 

I also truly believe that a nutritious, well-balanced diet positively improves training and the dog's ability to learn.






The in-home consultation is the initial meet and greet where we complete a behavioural assessment and discuss your goals and desired outcomes from training. The general foundation and how to start progressing toward desired outcomes will also be demonstrated. A training plan will be emailed to you prior to the follow-up session.


Follow up Consult


This consultation is designed to address any ongoing behavioural problems or training goals you may have with your dog after your initial consultation. During this session, we will discuss your dog's progress and any challenges you've encountered since our initial meeting. Calem will provide personalized guidance and recommendations to help you continue your dog's training journey.


Walk and train


Walk and train focuses on your dog's leash and road manners. Your dog gets the opportunity to go on a walk with Calem who will work on any training goals you have, this could be loose leash walking, biological fulfilment, trick training, nose work or mental stimulation.



Behavioural modification places a direct focus on your dog's undesirable behaviours and how to manage them. Whether they are reactive or suffer from separation-related behaviours, this service will equip you with the skills to thrive with your beloved pet.


Obedience Training

Obedience training focuses on lifestyle and advanced obedience skills. I will work with you to achieve your obedience goals whilst demonstrating training methods and setting up a detailed training plan.


Puppy Training

Puppy training empowers you and your puppy with the core foundations to training with a primary focus on obedience and lifestyle skills. Additionally, preventative measures and training against potential behavioural problems will be discussed and implemented.

"As a first time dog owner, my 14 month old bichon cross poodle puppy (who had attended puppy preschool at 4 months) was testing his boundaries a bit and I needed some assistance to work on recalling him when off leash at the dog park which is not enclosed. Calem is professional and punctual, and he is very experienced in dog care and management of difficult behaviours. After one session with examples and tips, his training has improved my puppies recall, and I now have confidence when letting him off leash in a non enclosed environment. Very happy that I organised a training session with K9 Kuriosity."

Jill Ng + Sunny


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